Earn Fast BTC-Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Welcome to my Earn Fast BTC  Review. There has been some vibe about this company called Earn Fast Btc,so I decided to find out what the company was all about and do some research on the company.

You are probably here because you have heard of Earn Fast Btc and what to find out if it is a legit company or a scam.

Here is a detailed review on the company Earn Fast Btc and I would walk you through the Earn Fast Btc company,the compensation plan,the products and the verdict.

Earn Fast BTC Review – The Company

This company provides little to no information on their website about who owns or operates the business.

The domain name for Earn Fast BTC’s site earnfastbtc.com was registered on June 24, 2017. However, since the registration was done privately, I was unable to see who owns the domain or where the registration was physically completed.

Earn Fast BTC Review – The Products

Earn Fast BTC does not offer any retail products or services.Affiliates can only market the company affiliate membership itself.

Product lines allow retail customers to purchase goods and services, and Earn Fast BTC doesn’t have anything along these lines.Affiliates only have the affiliate membership to market and the income opportunity that comes along with it, and in MLM, this is something that just doesn’t fly.If you do choose to become an affiliate for Earn Fast BTC, you’ll be given a bundle of ad credits that you can use to display custom ads on the Earn Fast BTC website.

The Earn Fast BTC Compensation Plan

The business’ affiliates must buy in at $15 to earn positions.Every position yields an ROI and matrix cycler position.


Every $15 Earn Fast BTC position eventually yields a $15 ROI.

Matrix Cycler

The company utilizes a 2×1 matrix in their 5 tier cycler.A 2×1 matrix is simple, needing only 2 positions to be fileed before a “cycle” commission is created.Cycle commissions through all 5 tiers of the company’s cycler are as follows:



·         Matrix 1 – $1 commission and cycles into the 2nd matrix

·         Matrix 2 – $2 commission and cycles into the 3rd matrix

·         Matrix 3 – $5 commission, creates a new matrix 1 position and cycles into the 4th matrix

·         Matrix 4 – $7 commission, creates a new matrix 1 position and cycles into the 5th matrix

·         Matrix 5 – $25 commission and creates a new matrix 1 position

Referral Commissions

The company pays referral commissions on $15 affiliate position purchases down 3 levels of sponsorship (unilevel):

·         Level 1 (personally sponsored affiliates) = 5%

·         Level 2 = 3%

·         Level 3 = 2%

On top of the ROI and matrix cycler, affiliates can also earn through referral commissions.

Referral commissions are paid out whenever people in your downline purchase a earn position for $15, and you can earn down through 3 levels of your team.

Level 1 members (those that you have personally recruited) earn you a commission of 5%, level 2 recruits earn you 3%, and members in level 3 will reward you with a 2% commission.

Cost to Join Earn Fast BTC

When it comes to joining Earn Fast BTC, you’ll need to pay at least $15.

Keep in mind that all payments within the company are done through bitcoin.

Is Earn Fast BTC Actually Legit Or A Scam?

Earn Fast BTC is actually legit and not a scam.However to be successful in Earn Fast BTC or any other network marketing company out there it would be depend on your lead generation techniques,your ability to recruit and your marketing techniques.

Verdict on Earn Fast BTC

The only way to make any money with this company is by spending $15 to join

There are no real products or services that can be sold to retail customers, which means the only way to continue making income is by recruiting more affiliates who also buy in….

But it is virtually impossible to keep recruitment numbers high enough to consistently increase ROI…

Which means when the income might decrease affiliates will start leaving…

So, if you are thinking of joining this company, just be sure to keep this in mind…

I hope you enjoyed my Earn Fast BTC review and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below.

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