IcaNetwork-Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Welcome to my Ica network review. There has been some vibe about this company called Icanetwork,so I decided to find out what the company was all about and do some research on the company.

You are probably here because you have heard of Icanetwork and want to find out if it is a legit company or a scam.

Here is a detailed review on the company Icanetwork and I would walk you through the Icanetwork company,the compensation plan,the products and the verdict.

The ICANetwork Review – The Company


ICANetwork’s website features numerous testimonials and marketing material, and through these, it’s mentioned that Michael Glaspie is the Founder and CEO for the company. This isn’t directly written anywhere on the site, but it’s pretty clear through this other info that this is who’s running the show.

The founder and current CEO of the company is identified as Michael Glaspie.

Although the details are not directly sourced from the written words there, I was able to put it together from multiple testimonials and advertising materials found online.

Glaspie first appeared on the MLM scene last year as the founder and CEO of Icanget2.

Not a total newcomer, Glaspie has been promoting different opportunities on the internet for some years now.

A lot of advertising material found online (most likely self published) makes claims that Glaspie’s online marketing career goes back to 1998…which is almost 20 years ago, believe it or not.

With Team Vinh, Glaspie was doing things like “helping others figure it out” before his days with Icanget2.

The Team Vinh newsletter revealed that Glaspie was on their Board of Directors, as their head of “marketing consortium”.

However, in 2015 it was revealed that the SEC shut down Team Vinh.

Online traffic estimates that traffic to the Icanget2 website dropped suddenly through 2017.

The start-up date for Team Vinh seems to be in the same time frame as when Glaspie started up Icanget2.

Glaspie started another company called InvitationToJoin earlier this year in 2017, which is a matrix-based sponsorship business opportunity.

He was creating a “new The ICANetwork”, through the merger of these two companies: InvitationToJoin and ICAN, well at least that’s what Glaspie is saying.

The ICANetwork Review – The Products

In regards to its product line, there’s really not too much to talk about here.

No goods or services are being sold to retail customers, and this leaves affiliates with only the affiliate membership to offer to individuals.

Should you choose to become an affiliate for ICANetwork, part of the membership comes with access to software that allows you to create smartphone apps, SEO-based services, and a platform that makes it easy to convert websites to mobile devices.

The ICANetwork has no services or products for affiliates to purchase or sell.

However, if affiliates wish to sign up with ICANetwork they can market the company affiliate membership.

The company affiliate membership offers members access to a creator for smart phone apps, services for SEO, software for converting websites into mobile friendly sites, business loans up to $150, 000, and the management and finance opportunity for a Facebook fan page.

This offer for a potentially huge loan piqued my interest so I decided to check out the “more information” section to find out if this offer is given by a third-party bank.

Upon submitting your FREE application, a bank official will contact you for the pertinent data they require.

Anyone can apply for any purpose at a $25,000 minimum up to $150,000 maximum.’

These unsecured loans are available to individuals for any legal purpose in U.S.A. and Canada. (With the U.K. coming next and soon!)

Any amount that you borrow can be paid back the first year with no interest whatsoever.

After that, it is as low as 6% to 9% dependent upon the applicant’s credit worthiness.

Looks like any normal loan you can get at a bank, so what’s the incentive?

The ICANetwork Compensation Plan

Moving right along to the compensation plan, affiliates are able to earn commissions when they spend their own money to buy services ICANetwork is offering.

The actual costs for the services isn’t provided on ICANetwork’s website, but what is present is the rate of commissions that are offered.

Free affiliates start out by earning 10% on level one members, but paid ranks throughout the company can earn more.

The first paid rank, SIR, earns 30% on level one, 5% on level two, and 3% on level three.

Recruitment commissions are also present here, and as you’d expect, this is money that’s paid when affiliates recruit others into the company.

Affiliates who want to participate in the company compensation plan can sign up and become a member for free or join with a monthly membership fee.

When the affiliates sell their upsell services to newer affiliates, they are paid by the company.

The website for the company does NOT disclose the exact costs for these services.

The company pays out commissions to affiliates as a percentage of their fees paid for services, down to the 3rd level of sponsorship (unilevel):

·         Free affiliates earn 10% on level 1 (personally sponsored affiliates)

·         SIR affiliates earn 30% on level 1 , 5% on level 2 and 3% on level 3

·         Founder affiliates earn 40% on level 1, 10% on level 2 and 5% on level 3

·         Director affiliates earn 50% on level 1, 15% on level 2 and 10% on level 3

Recruitment Commissions

Also, sweetening the deal of the service fee commissions listed above, affiliates also earn income to directly sponsor new affiliates into the business.

Affiliates ranking at SIR or higher in the company pay a fee month-to-month, which is then handed down to pay the sponsorship commissions to other affiliates paying fees.

·         SIR affiliates earn a 30% monthly sponsorship commission

·         Founder affiliates earn a 40% monthly sponsorship commission

·         Director affiliates earn a 50% monthly sponsorship commission

Cost To Join The ICANetwork

The cost to join ICANetowrk as an affiliate will come with a membership cost, anywhere from very affordable at zero dollars because its free, to $39.95 once a month.

Here’s a breakdown of the affiliate membership costs:

Free Distributor – no charge

SIR – $19.95

Founder – $29.95

Director – $39.95

However, if you opt for the free company affiliate membership you CANNOT earn the commissions offered by the company.

Is ICANetwork Legit Or A Scam?

Icanetwork is actually legit and not a scam.However to be successful in IcaNetwork or any network marketing company out there.It would depend on your lead generation technique,your ability to recruit and your marketing techniques.

Verdict on ICANetwork

As mentioned above, no real goods or services are being offered through ICANetwork. The only thing that’s up for grabs is the affiliate membership, and as the case goes with companies set up like this, this results in affiliate recruitment being the primary focus.

They don’t have any retail products or services, but they bundle a mobile app with the affiliate membership…

To stay some what compliant, ICANetwork stats the the following:

As you build your team, you are not being paid for the mere act of sponsoring or recruiting.

You are being compensated because each paid position receives a mobile app!

Therefore in every respect, you are being compensated for the act of selling a product.

Now there are some very negative ICANetwork reviews out there calling this a straight up pyramid scheme…

A mobile app might be tied to the affiliate membership, but the main thing being offered is still the membership.

No matter what Glaspie tries to say, ICANetwork is nothing more than a pyramid scheme that will see Glaspie and other early adopters earning the most while the majority of all affiliates end up losing out.

I don’t like calling something a scam unless I know for sure…

What really concerns me is the past attempts of launching companies that were full out scams…

Usually history does repeat itself, so because of that I personally won’t be joining…

However, you can make your own decision

I hope you enjoyed my ICANetwork review and if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below…


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