Asirvia-Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Welcome to my Asirvia Review. There has been some vibe about this company called Asirvia,so I decided to find out what the company was all about and do some research on the company.
You are probably here because you have heard of Asirvia and what to find out if it is a legit company or a scam.
Here is a detailed review on the company Asirvia and I would walk you through the Asirvia company,the compensation plan,the products and the verdict.
Asirvia is a network marketing company that specializes in bluetooth devices to generate leads for your business.
Donald LaPlume is named as the owner of the Asirvia website ( which was registered on the 10th December, 2016. The site itself doesn’t actually provide any further details about the company structure, but after researching those involved it appears as if LaPlume co-founded the company with Kevin Marino and Don Smith.
These three have worked together on a previous investment opportunity called Saivian- a scheme that was launched in 2015 and gave affiliates the chance to earn up to $3000 per day after paying a monthly subscription of $125. It seems like too good an offer to be true, and that’s what it turned out to be. Saivian ran into difficulties within a year of launching, with these three leaving and setting up Asirvia.

Asirvia Products

Asirvia has a range of products on offer for sale to both affiliates and retail customers. They describe the products as being essential for modern life, and offer them for sale individually or for a discount as part of a bundle. Some of the services they provide include:
A Mobile Savings App for $24 per month
Home Tech Support 24/7 for $29 per month
Theft Protection for $25 per month
Credit Monitoring for $29 per month
TeleHealth MD 24/7 for $34 per month
Roadside Assistance Xtra for $19 per month
In total there are eleven different services. Discounts on the advertised price can be found when purchasing them as part of a bundle
Once you have it setup, the Asirvia Go will automatically promote your business on every nearby Android phone.
The range for this device is around a hundred meters and to reach those android devices, their Bluetooth must be on.
Asirvia Go retails for:
$25 a month for one unit
$49 a month for three units or
$99 a month for eight units
Asirvia Compensation Plan
Inside of the Asirvia compensation plan, you can get paid to sell the Asirvia Go devices to retail customers and sponsored affiliates.
Commission Qualification
In order to get paid commissions in their compensation plan, Asirvia distributor must make at least three retail sales and sponsor one affiliate.
An Affiliates rank determines how much commission they can earn from certain parts of the compensation plan.
In total, the Asirvia plan offers four different ways that an affiliate can earn commission:
1. First Month Subscription Commission
This commission only applies for the first month of membership. Asirvia affiliates earn $25 for selling a “basic Package” and $50 for selling a “True Solutions Package”. They also earn a 25% commission of the cost of any individual services that are sold. Further to this, a unilevel compensation model is used to reward affiliates with a residual subscription commission for the sales of those that they have recruited. For sales that occur within the first five levels of this structure, affiliates will earn $2.50 from Basic Packages and $5 from True Solutions Packages.
2. Residual Subscription Package Commission
This uses the same unilevel compensation structure as is used for the first month subscription commission. Through it, Asirvia affiliates earn 10% each month for the duration of the subscription sales by level 1 affiliates (those they have personally recruited), and 5% of sales by level 2 affiliates (those who have been recruited by those that they have personally recruited.)
3. Daily Commission
Asirvia Affiliates earn a daily commission in line with their affiliate rank. As long as they have recruited at least three new affiliates and generated at least $1000 of group volume per month, they can earn between $1 and $3000 through this commission
4. Matching Bonus
This bonus gives affiliates a 25% match of commission being earned by those that they have recruited. Higher ranked affiliates will also earn the matching bonus for further levels (on sales made by those that have been recruited by affiliates that they have personally recruited).

Cost To Join Asirvia
The cost to join Asirvia is $25 per month.

Is Asirvia Actually Legit Or A Scam?
Asirvia is actually legit and not a scam.To be successful in Asirvia or any any other network marketing out there it would depend on your marketing techniques,your lead generation technique and your ability to recruit new members.

Verdict on Asirvia
After making all of these changes, Asirvia is definitely headed in the right direction and finally introduced a product line people can sell to retail customers.
The best thing to do is buy one of these devices and see what kind of lead generation you get.
The way the compensation structure is organized means that by recruiting three affiliates who purchase a package and do the same, you will earn enough from the daily ROI to cover the cost of your recurring membership. Further recruitment of new affiliates will therefore be profitable for you. The danger with this is that it puts the opportunity firmly within the realms of being a ponzi scheme where payouts to affiliates are being fully funded by the payments being made by other affiliates. This setup requires the continual influx of new affiliates to support it, something that cannot go on forever.
The company could put in measures to prevent this from happening such as retail sales requirements but they don’t, and this is likely because they have set it up in the first place in a way that is designed to prioritize chain recruitment over retail sales. It’s far more beneficial for an affiliate to spend their efforts recruiting as many new members as possible instead of making individual sales to customers, and this will cause the ultimate downfall of the company.
Anyway, overall I don’t see anything wrong with this company anymore.
I hope you enjoyed my Asirvia review and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below.