Incruises Review-Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Welcome to my Incruises Review. There has been a lot of vibe about this company so I decided to write a blog post on the company. Maybe someone has approached you on social media about Incruises. In this Incruises Review I would be talking about the company, its products and the compensation plan.

InCruises Review – The Company


InCruises operate in the travel MLM niche and are currently in prelaunch.

The Incruises website lists a corporate address in the US state of Florida, which the company claims is the address we use for all legal filings and customer mailings (if any). Our customer service staff works from this location.

We also have an office (not publically (sic) listed) where we house our in-house finance, operations and technology teams.

We also have a recording studio we manage from another non-listed location. We do not want to list these addresses on our site to avoid impromptu visits from distributors.

On the management side of things InCruises is headed up by Michael Hutchison (right) identified as Founder and CEO. Hutchison works out of an executive office in Orlando, Florida.

On his LinkedIn profile, Hutchison claims to have had his “share of failed start-ups”. Despite an extensive list however, no MLM companies appear in Hutchison’s provided employment history.

InCruises Review – The Products


There isn’t any physical products but memberships that get you access to discounts.

Cruise Membership costs $100 per month…

This gives members access to discounts and $200 per month in “Cruise Bucks”.

These Cruise Bucks then can be used to book cruises through their travel booking engine.

The travel booking engine is provided by World Travel Holdings…

Cost To Join InCruises

As of right now, affiliate membership is $195 and then $95 annually.

Conclusion On Incruises

As of right now I can’t give you the proper verdict because Incruises is actually in a PreLaunch and there isn’t much information out there.

From experience I can tell you this…

Travel based MLM companies never do well for some reason.

I haven’t really even seen one that took off…

So having that in mind, I would be cautious about joining this company and maybe wait it out for a few months.

I am not being negative, I am just going by experience.

There are tons of other MLM companies you can join…

I hope you enjoyed my InCruises Review and if you have any questions, please share them in the comments below…