Lets Multiply-Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Welcome to my Lets Multiply Review. There has been some vibe about this company called Lets Multiply, so I decided to find out what the company was all about and do some research on the company.

You are probably here because you have heard of Lets Multiply and what to find out if it is a legit company or a scam.

Here is a detailed review on the company Lets Multiply and I would walk you through the Lets Multiply company, the compensation plan, the products and the verdict.

Lets Multiply Review – The Company

Lets Multiply does not offer information on their website in regards to who owns or operates the business.

The Lets Multiply website domain was registered privately as “letsmultiply.com” on the 26th of September, 2016.

Since the domain was registered privately, there’s no way of knowing who the owner of it is or where in the world the registration took place.

All of this comes together to create for the feeling that the admin(s) behind Lets Multiply is trying to remain as anonymous as possible on purpose, and seeing as how transparency is everything in the MLM world, this just does not sit right with me.

Lets Multiply Review – The Products

Lets Multiply does not have any retail products or services to offer its affiliates or potential retail customers.

Affiliates who sign up with Lets Multiply can only market the affiliate membership.

Lets Multiply isn’t marketing or selling any goods/services to retail customers, and as such, there’s absolutely no presence of any retail sales activity.

Affiliates for the company are left with just the affiliate membership to market to folks that are interested in joining the attached income opportunity, but that’s it.

The Lets Multiply Compensation Plan

Lets Multiply affiliates who sign up must purchase $10 positions in a 7-tier matrix cycler.

The company utilizes several matrix sizes in their cycler, which include 3×2, 3×3, 3×4, 3×5, 3×6, 3×7 and 3×8.

A 3×2 matrix puts an affiliate at the top of a matrix that has 3 positions right under them.

These first 3 positions make up level 1 of the matrix and level 2 is created by adding another three positions under each of the first three, for a total of 9 positions.

Level 3 of the matrix is created by adding another 9 level two positions, for a total of 27 positions.

The 3×4 matrix adds an additional 4th level to the matrix and the 3×5 adds another level again, and this continues on.

Every new level in a 3x matrix is created by tripling the previous level’s positions.

Lets Multiply affiliates start out by buying a $10 cycler position to enter the first 3×2 cycler tier.

Commissions are earned when directly and indirectly sponsored affiliates buy their own $10 positions.

Every position that is filled in the first 3×2 matrix tier yields a $10 commission.

Payments through all 7 cycler tiers look like this:

·         Matrix 1 (3×2, positions cost $10) – $10 per position filled

·         Matrix 2 (3×3, costs $25 to unlock) – $25 per position filled

·         Matrix 3 (3×4, costs $50 to unlock) – $50 per position filled

·         Matrix 4 (3×5, costs $100 to unlock) – $100 per position filled

·         Matrix 5 (3×6, costs $250 to unlock) – $250 per position filled

·         Matrix 6 (3×7, costs $500 to unlock) – $500 per position filled

·         Matrix 7 (3×8, costs $1000 to unlock) – $1000 per position filled

Cost To Join Lets Multiply

The cost to join Lets Multiply as an affiliate is a minimum purchase of one $10 matrix cycler position.

However to fully participate in the company income opportunity, it will cost $1935.

Is Lets Multiply Actually Legit Or A Scam?

Lets Multiply is actually legit and not a scam. However to be successful in Lets Multiply or any other network marketing company out there it would depend on your lead generation technique, your ability to recruit and your marketing techniques.

Verdict on Lets Multiply

The compensation plan of this company may seem like an easy way to make good income.

But the truth is, these cyclers would be almost impossible to fill.

Whenever there’s an instance of affiliates sending other affiliates money, this is always cash gifting. Also, seeing as how Lets Multiply needs affiliates to recruit other people to join the offered matrices, the pyramid scam element is quite strong too.

The only people who stand any chance of making good money here are the company admins.

So, my advice to you is to be careful when considering joining this company.

I hope you enjoyed my Lets Multiply review and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below.