Ormeus Global-Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Welcome to my Ormeus Global Review. There has been some vibe about this company called Ormeus Global,so I decided to find out what the company was all about and do some research on the company.

You are probably here because you have heard of Ormeus Global and what to find out if it is a legit company or a scam.

Here is a detailed review on the company Ormeus Global and I would walk you through the Ormeus Global company,the compensation plan,the products and the verdict.

Ormeus Global Review – The Company

Ormeus Global currently offers no mention on its website in regards to who owns it, where it’s based out of, or when it was first launched.


The domain name shows that it was registered on February 24, 2017, but since it was registered privately, it’s impossible to see who the owner is or where in the world the registration took place.

At the very top of Ormeus Global’s website, you’ll seen a button titled “Login.” If you choose to click on this, you’ll be redirected to the domain of “ormeusbackoffice.com.”

The domain for Ormeus Backoffice was registered a bit later on April 10, 2017, and its owner appears to be a man by the name of Joseph Frazier of o ApogeeInvent.

As of this review, Ormeus Global is in prelaunch and provides no information on their website about who actually runs the company.

I did find another domain “ormeus” which was registered February 24th 2017 and is owned by iAM Marketing.

The actual iAM Marketing website claims that Simmons as the company’s system administrator.

The website for iAM Marketing also shows that the company provides, “compensation plan development”, “white label cryptocurrency”, and quite a lot more. John Barksdale founded iAM Marketing, and according to his Facebook profile, Barksdale is currently residing in Thailand.

Ormeus Global Review – The Products

According to the Ormeus Global’s website, they provide accredited cryptocurrency education course which is called InnerQuest, Ormeus Coin Cryptocurrency and Ormeus Qi.


State-of-the-Art Formulations

Similar to those used by top Olympic athletes.

Pain management, appetite control, sleep issues, and more.

Ormeus Global Compensation Plan

Ormeus Global has affiliates put money or invest on a promise they will get a 160% passive ROI that comes from “trading”:

B2x89, our proprietary “bot trader”, employs sophisticated algorithmic trading strategies and offers up to a 160% return in a completely automated, hands off environment. Set it and forget it!

Ormeus Master Trader deposits Bitcoin into a secure account that actually mirrors the trades of a top professional Forex Trader. You are in complete control of your account.

Ormeus Global seems to put a much larger emphasis on its compensation plan, and the main push here is the passive ROI of 160%.

This ROI is apparently generated through some sort of trading activity, and the Ormeus Global website describes it in the following manner:

“B2x89, our proprietary “bot trader”, employs sophisticated algorithmic trading strategies and offers up to a 160% return in a completely automated, hands off environment. Set it and forget it

Stay tuned when the company actually launches…

Cost To Join Ormeus Global

As of right now it’s free to join Ormeus Global, but that can change at anytime as the company is still in its prelaunch phase.

There will be some kind of investment to make that 160% ROI and probably some kind of payment qualification to earn in the binary compensation plan.

Is Ormeus Global Actually Legit Or A Scam?

Orrmeus Global is actually legit and not a scam.However to be successful in any network marketing company out there it would depend on your lead generation technique,your ability to recruit and your marketing techniques.

Verdict On Ormeus Global

First of all, I can’t completely judge this company because it’s in prelaunch phase.

It’s perfectly legal to offer education systems, wellness products, cryptocurrency trading, etc. in the US, and these are all things that Ormeus Global is advertising that it has.

My guess for why Ormeus Global is not available in the US is because of its 160% ROI. Offering an ROI means that money needs to be invested, and in the US, an investment opportunity needs approval from the SEC.

The SEC has recently been hammering down on fraud throughout the MLM underbelly, so if this ROI is being paid to members in an illegitimate manner, it would make sense as to why Ormeus Global would skip out on the United States.

At the time of writing this review, Ormeus Global is pretty much just trying to get as many email addresses as it possibly can. It’s likely that affiliates will need to hand over money sooner or later for their membership, but before this happens, the folks runner Ormeus Global have some serious work to do.

There needs to be a lot more transparency in regards to background info, what the product line actually consists of, and more.

Ormeus Global could very well turn itself around and be a legit opportunity worth joining, but at the time of writing this review, there’s a whole lot left to think about.

I hope you enjoyed my Ormeus Global review and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below…

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